Reconstruction of a one-story house in the city of Vasilkov, Kyiv region

The project for the reconstruction of a private one-story house was completed in accordance with all building codes and regulations. The wishes of the customer to make an extension to the house, placing a large terrace with a fireplace, so that you can enjoy a hot cup of tea, cold winter days, sitting in front of the fireplace. The project was completed and approved by the customer. A small house from the outside, but quite spacious inside, designed for two families. It has two entrances from the street and one large one from the terrace. Since the project itself was not made from the very beginning, but was tied to the existing plan of the house, we had to think through the layouts based on the constructive capabilities of the house itself. Nevertheless, the house turned out to be quite spacious and comfortable. Exterior finishes of the facade, partially made in the classical style, give the house a unique charm and individuality. Finishing materials of the facades emphasize the severity of the lines and style of this house.

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