№ 01

Project of a two-story house with a swimming pool

No. 02

The project of a two-storey house Desnyansky district, Kiev

No. 03

The project of a one-story house in the village of Gavrilovka, Kyiv region

No. 04

Draft design of a domed house

No. 05

The project of a two-story house in the Kiev region

No. 06

Reconstruction project of a one-story house in the city of Vasilkov, Kyiv region

No. 07

Reconstruction project of a two-storey country house Hungary Fr. Balaton

No. 08

Landscape design project with the reconstruction of an open terrace in the province of Quebec, Canada

No. 09

Renovation project of a one-storey house in Örbottyán, Hungary

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