DIZRA ROOM - interior design studio in Kyiv. We create projects in Ukraine and beyond, as our creativity has no boundaries.

   We have been in the interior design services market for 6 years. However, our designers, as independent specialists, have experience in this area for 7-10 years. During this time we have composed and implemented many projects of apartments and houses. Our studio is a team of experienced professionals and like-minded people who are gathered to create high-quality design. Our team consists of a group of designers, and many different permanent partners, proven over the years, who help to turn all ideas into reality at a high and professional level.

   We create projects of any complexity and cost - from simple decoration to exclusive design solutions. We count all your wishes and make the most stylish, beautiful and functional interior that meets your needs. We provide photorealistic visualizations of all rooms, and blueprints package for the construction team. You can find the content of the blueprints package in the “services and prices” section.

Appart of design projects, we also provide repair and renovation services.

   DIZRA ROOM design studio provides various service packages that definitely cover your needs.

Our services

     Our studio provides various services of design and renovation. On your choice we can develop only a design project and a package of blueprint or control the implementation process also. In case you don’t have the time or desire to be involved in the repair processes - we can completely cover the whole process ourselves. Everything depends on your desires.


     Includes the design of apartments, private houses, country houses, cottages and other premises intended for housing. We work in different styles and focus on the tastes of the customer when creating residential interiors.


  The turnkey repair service is provided only for objects located in Kyiv and the Kiev region.
   We undertake the organization of all your repairs, this includes the construction team, control over its work, the selection and purchase of all building and finishing materials, furniture, plumbing, appliances, lighting.


   Includes interior design of offices, classrooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and other non-residential commercial properties. When designing public spaces, we focus primarily on the uniqueness, relevance and high functionality, considering the high performance properties of all materials as a base.


     Designer's supervision service means that we control the repair process and make sure that its implementation goes according to the design project. We monitor all stages of the repair, constantly visit the object, communicate with the construction team and resolve all possible issues of the process. Moreover, we select all decoration materials, furniture, decor, textiles, plumbing, appliances, lighting.

Why choose us

  • 1

    Quality work

    Work on time as agreed

    Clear working documentation for the customer

  • 2

    Free consultation

    Our experts will advise you on any issues related to the project
  • 3

    Quick response to edits

    Detailed explanation of the project

    Search for solutions in the shortest possible time
  • 4

    Practical skills

    Project management and repair
  • 5
    Confidence in partners

    All our partners are time and quality tested

  • 6
    Complex repair
    From development to commissioning
  • 7
    Experienced Staff
    Professional construction teams who know their business
  • 8
    Search and delivery of materials with discounts
    Discounts depend on material and quantity
  • 9
    Convenient formats of cooperation for you
    Online and offline. We do projects not only in Kiev. We work throughout Ukraine and abroad
  • 10
    Work for the result
    We always try to be the first and the best for our customer
  • 11
    Stable prices
    The price for the project does not change after its approval. No additional payments required
  • 12
    Individual projects
    Unique projects are developed for each room and the individual wishes of each customer
Completed projects
Our team
  • Ponomareva Alexandra


  • Fesenko Andrey Alekseevich
    Head of design studio
  • Mironenko Irina


Our partners and companies we work with

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